Born and raised in New York City, Jimmy Aponte captures an abstract point of view of the city. His road to the Fine Arts wasn’t straight forward. As he explored through the performing arts, he found him self as a photographer. During a production Jimmy was given a camera to document the behind the scenes. He hasn’t stopped snapping pictures since.

Aponte started selling his photography on Prince street SOHO NY in 2013. Setting up a table and waiting for people to stop with interest. Emerged in the Mecca of street art and graffiti writers, Jimmy started to mold his style. Taking advice from old time graffiti artist, Mark Alaquin “TEV 1.” Mark advised, “when you open shop, don’t be lazy and do some work; look busy. Start painting on your pictures or something.”

When painting on his 1st photo creating a photo/painting, it sold. Jimmy continued this process and soon became a popular SOHO street artist; selling his work to locals and art lovers from around the globe.

Today Aponte is a emerging artist with several collectors anticipating his next group of works. To find out what Jimmy is up too, follow him on Instagram @jimmyaponte.


Hey Jimmy, it’s Kate – the English crazy lady you met today!
I’m actually super gutted I didn’t buy the #TrapHouse one today…we ended up going a bit further out and didn’t have time to get back to you at High Line before 4:30! But wondering if you’re going to be anywhere else over the coming days and I could come and purchase it if you would take the $200 we discussed? 😊

Also, if so, do you take card? Or would I need to get cash?


Hey, Jimmy!
My son and I bought your very first painted sweatshirt about 2 weeks ago in Manhattan near The Vessel. He loves it! Are there any special instructions for washing it?
Also, we love the picture of the astronaut in the subway stations with the “little green men”. You had said that there is a picture with each planet in it? I know these aren’t on the website, but I would love to buy one of each! Could I special order these?
We LOVE your art!
Thank you so much!

Hey Andrea, sorry for the late response. Hopefully it’s not too late; wash the hoodie inside out in cold water. Regardless the art shouldn’t fade. Which “Spaceman” pieces were you interested in? Send me an email at jimaaponte@gmail.com to place any special orders. Happy Holidays!..

We met over Memorial Day weekend outside The Whitney. I am spreading the word about Free the Jail Bird. Looking for just the frames to hang my pieces of yours. Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Charlotte, thanks again for your support!! Looking forward to see the pieces framed and hanging in a pic. Happy Holidays.

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